The Right Remodeler for You!

Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, Innovative Home Restoration is the right remodeler for you! My services are easily scheduled, and I work anywhere in the area of Lannon, WI to provide you with some of the finest quality services! When the time comes, and you find yourself looking for quality commercial and residential remodeling, I will be there for you!

Why choose me?

Over the years, I have proved to the community I am a reliable solution for their remodeling issues! I work with both speed and precision and never fail to produce quality results! Your satisfaction is my highest priority and I make sure to achieve it in every project I undertake! The quality of my work is ensured by always inspecting all of my equipment and materials!

Why should you trust me?

I have established myself as a trustworthy remodeler, and work hard to make sure I never disappoint any of my clients! Even though timely results are always a priority, I will take more time to complete a project if it means providing you with a finer quality result! Working closely with my clients has made me many friends and regular business clients throughout the area, which both honors and humbles me!

I am fully mobile and serve the entire area of Lannon, WI. No matter where you are and regardless of whether you are looking for affordable yet reliable commercial or residential remodeling, you will discover that Innovative Home Restoration‘s work is just what your remodeling project needs!

bathroom after being remodeled

Call me at (414) 315-2029 to schedule or with any questions regarding my work!


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