Only the Finest Grade Commercial and Residential Remodeling!

My remodeling is one of the finest in the area; this is due to my 100% dedication to every project I undertake, my well-maintained and late model equipment, and over 40 years of experience as a remodeler in the area has helped prepare me to be able to work on projects of all sizes, regardless of whether they are commercial or residential. You can schedule with Innovative Home Restoration throughout the entire area of Lannon, WI, as well as in:

  • Sussex WI
  • Brookfield WI;
  • Town of Lisbon WI
  • Germantown WI
  • Lannon WI

When you find yourself looking for the right commercial or residential remodeling professional, I will prove to be just that! My rates easily fit most budgets, while the quality of my work remains exceptional! My company is fully licensed and insured, and will prove to be just what your remodeling project needs!

If you are interested in discovering more about my work or if you wish to receive an estimate about a certain service, I will be glad to speak to you!

Don’t be shy and give me a call at (414) 315-2029 today! I will do my very best to not only meet your needs but exceed all of your expectations as well!


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